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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sunday, it must be Wat Day....

Yes Sunday and we set off to the Wat to see the Monks. Wanna needed to go and see the Monks at a specific Wat about 15 kilometers outside of Pattaya. The visit was mainly to organise a time to take her friend Lec to visit them. We bought some gifts for the Monks and proceed on in.

Loads of people about all praying and sitting in front of the Monks waiting for blessing. We had our turn and then Wanna discussed the visit for Lec. All set for Monday afternoon.
Lec has been bed bound for almost 12 months following a stroke. She has improved, only slightly and in my view letting herself get into a situation where it is a sort of 'comfort' zone, if you get my drift. She's still improving and that is clear on a day to day basic, but I felt she needed more motivation. And the promise of a trip to the Wat and have the Monks pray for her seems to have been just what was required. It 'perked' her up no end. So that in itself is a result.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that since writing this short note that Lec went on Monday afternoon to the Wat. She thoroughly enjoyed it all, and it was her first time in the car for 12 months except for ambulance rides to the hospital. Lets hope it will help her along her road to recovery.

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