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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bar B Q and Snooker


Very good Saturday afternoon. Spend in a lazy fashion sitting round at Keith’s house having a Bar B Q and playing snooker. This had been planned sometime ago so we were ready and organized. Clement had done the chicken wings and pork ribs. Joe organized the pork chops and English sausages. Others sorted out the salads and beers etc. Me, I just turned up and ate, drank and played snooker. Very ease for me…..
In all of this you also need to know that no Bar B Q, and I mean no Bar B Q is complete in Thailand without the mandatory grilled fish and roasted sea shells, bowls of chili and accompaniments. Well we had those as well. The fish arrived fresh from the market and kept in a small bowl awaiting the grill….. The shells. Well no idea what condition they were in. Both tasted good. 5 big fish and 2 kilos of shells…
Putting the fish on the Bar B Q was easy. They get cleaned out and then are covered in salt and just placed directly on the grill. They are of course cleaned and washed, but the first one did go through a few twitches on the grill, as no doubt I would have done…After all it was a one way journey. Not sure he other 4 fish felt any better either!!!! But they were delicious…
Keith got a bit put out about this cooking of live fish, especially when next to their brother fish sitting in the adjacent fish bowl… I did manage this ‘feeling’ on film for later viewing!
I’ve mentioned Bar B Q but in fact we had 3 on the go. Gas, Charcoal and a local ‘concrete’ type which also takes charcoal. That produces a lot of food… Great.
The snooker only got a look in between eating and having a few cold beers. The kids spent their time running around jumping in and out of the pool and playing various party games in which we the adults always seemed to be standing in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time… Constant ‘watch out’ to avoid being bumped or getting tripped over. When the darts and dart board came out there was even more vigilance… Time to grab a beer and head back to the snooker room.

video video

Foot note:- I’ve added a few more videos than usual for Keith. Thanks for a great afternoon.

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