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Monday, 20 April 2009


Comes round once a year in April as the Thai New Year. Everyone goes crazy and really lets off full steam and enjoys to the max. It is a time for spraying water on each other. Long ago it was just that, a sprinkle but now everyone joins in with bucket loads. Even the fire service supplying trucks and makignt he hydrants available for public use, so really lending a hand!!! The police are great. They have made sure traffic flows, well mostly. Just not where I wanted to go! Took me 90 minutyes to travel what is normally a 5 minute journey..... I could even with al this additional time only take a few shots as I did want to get my camera ruined!! Everyone jumps into cars and pick ups and tours round the roads spraying every body, walking, riding bikes and even cars if you leave your window open!!! Police seem to manage to avoided the water in all this mayhem, quite wisely....or luckly or even discression on the part ot the revellers.
In addition you are most likely to get your face painted with a large dab of baby powder. It think really it is an excuse for the boys to get close up with the girls, and who can blame them!
We went last week to a water session in Khon Kaen, but again could not take photos as I was in the back of the truck throwing water at other people. Really great time and looking forward to it again next year. What no one tells you is that often the water is ice cold. Big shock when it hits you all down the back!


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