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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Time and Motion with Video

What a week. I’ve been working long hours and today Saturday still here on the job site. Some of the quieter moments have been put to good use and spent on learning the basics about Sony Vegas. It’s a superb video editing programme which compliments my Handy Cam 100%. I have been looking for a free copy for ages. Currently sells for about US$ 550. Ouch!! Went on ‘YouTube’. Whow!!!! Loads of advice and tutorials and, yes, directions and source for a free download of Sony Vegas Pro 8.0a.
Doesn’t mean you’ll get better vid’s from me but I’ll enjoying doing them. Bear with me. The next point was what to make, subject, style etc for a movie. Creativity is definatley the main the word in this regard. I tried out several of the tutorials about merging videos and effect etc. And tried for a 'lightening effect' on my opening page of this one. Then I just cobbled together some footage of Wanna and I at a local restaurant, taken a few weeks back. You can see it does not have much forethought about sequence etc so story board for next one. I’m going to have to do a lot better planning for future ones. So if anyone out there reads this Blog, and would like, and can offer some advice please do help. Thanks.


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