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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Posting or rather lack of postings.......

I'ts been a while since I started this Blog and for some reason I am having trouble getting up and running. In Karachi it seemed so much easier and I also had more time to sit and write.
Here in Thailand I'm working a 5 1/2 to 6 day week and so do not get out and about as much. Added to which my super doper Sony camera is fine but the accompanying software has been giving me major headaches. So much so that I get myself sitting at the computer editing a blog entry only to find an hour later the thing does not bloody work. Makes me pretty pissed off I can tell you.
So please bear with me. Last week we had awonder round Pattaya South Market. Sells everything you could possibly want or need. I took a few shots of the place and tried to capture some of the atmosphere. Not done to well and after about 3 hours of editing and loosing files attaached is the end result. I'm not pleased but needed for myslef as much as anything to get something down on paper. Hopefully more interesting stuff to follow. Planning this week to either go to Koh Sammet or Koh Lorn. Spand hte day lazying around and maybe a dive. That's something I am hoping to get back into and do the advanced Padi course. Something to aim for.


Now I've got this far I'm praying the video will upload. What a start to the weekend. Hope you'r's is a hell of a lot better. ChHeers for now.

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