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Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Visitor ตั๊กแตน

We had an uninvited house visitor last week, who decided to make himself at home. A Praying Mantis no less. We started off by ignoring him but noticed that every so often he had relocated to a different part of the place, either the ceiling or a new section of walling.

Later I sat down next to him to take a few closeup shots. He seemed again uninterested. Taking no notice of me, that is, until Wanna joined me. He then did a few tiny movements and then without any warning, jumped straight onto Wanna’s face. She got what at best can be describes as a big kiss. She did not seem to mind. Thank God it wasn’t me. I’d have jumped a mile, beautiful thing though it is. It's also the second time one has ‘latched onto us’. Earlier, a few years back we were going over on a ferry boat from Ban Phe to Koh Samet. One joined us there for the journey over. Climbed all over our shoes and legs. Can’t find the photos though.


Their colour is amazing and they can remain stationary for what seems like ages then just jump. Not sure what they eat or what they do but seem to spend most of their time just sitting around.

By the way the Mantis is the green one !

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