A wise man once said....

"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new."
Dalai Lama

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ghana 1 Arrival and Trip outside the hotel...

Well we have been waiting for the last two weeks for a visa to Ghana. It came through Friday afternoon.  We closed our bags and got the 23.30hr flight to Dubai and onward to Accra.Arrived late yesterday afternoon.
Landed. Sorted out additional formalities and more visa on arrival type of stuff. Chatted with a few passengers. Couple of good stories there.  One chap lives in Hanover, his mother German and Dad from Ghana.  He was coming back to see his Grandfather.  First trip in 34 years.....  Then a  Ghanaian lady from Coventry in UK.  She has lived in Uk for 7 years, where she now calls home,  and was popping back to visit family. All so chatty and friendly. Great trip.  Tiring yes............ and feeling dirty and grubby. Nothing a good shower won't cure. Exciting or what... ? Hope my fellow travelers have as good a time here as we expect to.

Arrived. First a quick relax, shower and then a  cold beer.

Today we woke up very late. Must have had a good 10 hours sleep. Had just had a quick walk outside the hotel.  Its about 25 degrees and windy outside. Not to hot but a bit humid and there is a strange dust in the year.  We are staying in the Royale Fiesta Hotel. Very good and clearly popular with expats and locals alike.

Chatted with the street sellers..Everyone speaks English as well as loads of local languages. Clever stuff.

The hotel location in not "down town" or if it is we only saw the traffic lights at our hotel entrance.  Lots of street sellers chasing cars as the lights turn red. The ladies carry their goods and wares on their heads.  Brilliant balance.  And everyone smiles.  Very friendly.

Looking forward to telling you more about this place.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Good Parking

We pass this parking site every day going to and from the house.  Actually is is a private parking outside a guys house. His own parking spot.

Main difference this one has it that he is a taxi driver and parks just off the road with an amazing back droop about 6 inch past his rear wheel.  How he does this on a  daily basis is beyond me.  I took a few photos to show you and as record for me.  If he reversed back just a bit more he has a 3 meter drop.....

Little ones

Just had to take a few photos of my Grand Daughter. Sitting with Wanna both of them having a snack.....

Mathilde followed this up with a quick nap !!!!!  Wanna I think had a cold beer.......

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Seychelles and more relaxing times

And some more coastal scenes. Another good trip.

No idea who the tourists are........

Monday, 17 July 2017

Seychelles Saturday Afternoon....

Been lazy, sitting around waiting on our visas to come through to go to Ghana.  On returning last week from La Digue to Mahe we have just been sitting around drinking a few cold beers and taking road trips.
In fact full on island style is easy, just being very lazy. Lull before the storm perhaps. Actually I am quite excited to visit Ghana. It is a fascinating place with a rich history, lots of culture and now has a booming economy. Wanna is counting the hours and the days to get out there and plans to visit the local markets etc.  Me, I want to learn a bit about African drums and drum beats.....
So over the last few days we have been given a chance to relax and do a few trips around the coast. It has also given me time to follow up on our house restoration in La Digue as the Architect is Mahe based as is the contractor.  Also done some window shopping for house goods.  And that is it.  Lazy lazy  but do fine time for a few hours each day on the guitar.  Slow strumming Island style..... Way to go.... Must close off, written enough for one day... got a lot of lazy things to catch up on....☝