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Friday, 16 March 2012

The Big 60

A very long overdue posting. Several times before I’ve said that time flys and nothing to write. This time I’ve been to Thailand and back and reached young age of 60. Well being 29th Feb I am really 15. That’s fine. Soon I can go out and buy and drink. And have some fun... And loads to write about but no energy. Funny when you leave things for awhile it all becomes hard work I had planned these blog posting to be my sort of diary for me and to share with family so not uploading anything interesting is a poor show. So this time is I know not going to be any better..... I mean if every time AI write and say ‘I’ve got nothing to say’ it a poro show right?
Well with all this travelling I only took a few photos. Had a great evening in Pattaya with Wanna and joined by my Dad, Gulshen and Owen and Charlie and Lynne and friends. Total 14. That was enough. After a great meal the young ones (that’s me ) wondered off to have a late night playing pool in a couple of local bars. Great evening.

Only disappointment was my Mother and Jane were unable to join us. Mother was not up to the flying and so I’ll have to find another time to get with her again soon.
I know is that all. ? @#$%^ !!!! Yes hat’s all. Next time.
Off this evening for a small Bar B Q in the local marina. Promise I’ll start posting again...
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