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Monday, 26 March 2012

Krombit Top Park - Day Trip Out

Wonderful day out of Gladstone. Seems we have spent the last few weekends just sitting around and not making an effort to get out and see stuff. So this Sunday we got off our backsides and went up to Krumbit Tops National Park for the day.
We left Gladstone about 08.00am for a 150 kilometre journey. Sun was shining and off we went. First stop was a bakery for some cakes, biscuits and sausage rolls. Then up the mountain. The park is famous for the discover of an old bomber wreck that was found some time back. It is an old B52 from the war days which had ‘got lost’ in flight and no one knew where it was. And Australia is a big place in which to lose a small plane. Anyway now we know where it is and indeed it’s a long way from anywhere. Even when you get up to the park which is enormous the bomber is down a small track which had to be marked or you would never find it. Not much of it left thought as whomever found it must have taken all the good bits, with just a bit of fuselage and broken props laying around. But you know at least it was something to se, you know what I mean you go all that way it is good to have a reason rather than just look at trees. The trees were nice, some rain forest and stuff also a lot of wild cows and we spotted on Dingo dog.
So all that was good, pleasant drive and we clocked up about 250 kilometres. However down side was at the main look out area. Both of us need a Loo. No problem chemical toilets are provided on site. However we were not told of the ‘leaches’ which suddenly appeared and started climbing up our legs. Horrible. Wanna was moving faster than Husain Bolt ..... Joy to watch. Me I was very surprised and it seems every time I got rid of one another one appeared on my other leg. Obviously no pictures!!! Too busy pulling them off. Ugh!!!!


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