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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Another Day At Work

Went to work this morning, bright and early. Whilst there, Jodie, our Environmental Officer informed me she had found a stranded turtle near our piling barge. She brought it back to the shore and has now taken it off to the local turtle rescue farm. So I decided it was worth a small mention. It's good to see people caring about the environment and in this case she thinks the turtle is probably starving. Why you ask? Well given all the heavy rains in Queensland over the last year the discharge of fresh water into the sea has killed off vast areas of sea grass and other veggies that turtles eat. (not sure which veggies exactly). I've asked her, Jodie, that is not the turtle, to provide us with an update, particularly if it is good news!! So following on from this little event I decided to go on utube and see whats happening with turtles in our area. Found a link to some people in Tannum Sands who had videoed a turtle as they put it back in the sea.
Tannum Sands is about 20 kilometers south of us. That operation looked successful. lets hope we are.
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