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Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Making Of Our Road

It’s a big event making a road. You see them everyday but this one we were making for ourselves. A small road. About 3 meters wide 35 meters long with a small turning area. Hardy a major engineering feat but enough for a weekends work for a desk jockey…


The Project
To make the road with an area of about 170 square meters.
Materials. 17 cubic meters of concrete. It weights in at 45 tons. Needed four delivery trucks. Some reinforcing steel and a couple of embedded plastic pipes for future use to carry water and electricity. Not together!!!!
Labour. 4 experienced construction workers, with Wanna and I helping by getting in the way.
Started at 2.00pm and we were done by 6.30pm. A good piece of work which went well in spite of my involvement. No real issues except for the first truck delivery which started to bed itself in the first part of the road and crushed my plastic water pipe as it reversed in. So much for advanced planning. Positive side to this was that the ground got better compacted. On completion of the work it was followed by showers, clean cloths and a sit down to an excellent chicken dinner. Way to go… I’ve posted this video together with a few photos. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.
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