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Monday, 23 November 2009

Garden Lights

Sometime ago our friend Tee made some simple garden lights. I say simple as they were so simple and yet so effective. Basically he purchased a small 'garden lights' kit. It comprised a wick and plastic float together with some water colouring. You then need to use a bowl or glass with water and on top add some cooking oil. The float and wick float on top of the oil and when lit provide a lovely soft light. The added water colouring makes for a more rounded effect. Final lighting looks wonderful and a few of these set around the pool make for a really wonderful ambiance.
So with that in mind we decided on a short video to show how it was done. Bit self indulgent on our part, but hey this is my site right?...So we can do it.
We, comprising Wanna, Tee, his son Ghan and myself had intended making it in some sort of formal manner, but, a few 'takes' and it was clear a more relaxed type of video was called for. Listen to me sounding like an expert. I've also tried to add in the video of the video if you know what I mean.
I've only ever made a few home clips for this Blog!!! So stick with us on this one OK? Anyway check out below and tell me what you think of it. Well done Tee, and of couse Wanna and Ghan. Both leading Aotors and Actresses. Oscars anyone?....


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