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Monday, 2 November 2009

Guns without Roses….☺

Often up at Ban Muang, having a cool beer as the evenings set you may hear gun shots. Not automatic but single shots. Clearly not a high caliber rifle but something more akin to a shot gun that you might find in the UK. ‘12 bore type thing’. I knew about this as I had several times asked what was ‘that’ noise. Well imagine my surprise when I came up this weekend and found one such gun up against the wall in my bedroom. It is an old fashioned type which I am told are made locally. It has a flint lock and needs gunpowder and manual priming followed by a flint to let it off. Has a range of about 40 meters tops.
What do you use it for? Shooting wild rat and birds. Farm food is the way it was described to me. I plan to try shooting with one next time I go up. Only worry is will it blow up in my face. It looks so old and fragile. Take a look at the close up of the flint action. This gun is apparently about 25 years old. They are available for sale but I’m not sure about getting one. I think I would prefer something a bit more modern and also need to learn just what I am going to shoot excluding my own foot of course!!
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