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Friday, 10 March 2017

Back, as a matter of fact I'm back........

My last post was 17th Nov 2016.  Bit sad to think I've nothing to write about. Wrong just being very lazy.

We finished in Vanuatu at end of October. Wonderful trip.  Followed by 2 months in Seychelles.  Not to be moaned about either.  Sorted out our apartment on Mahe and as usual our house on La Digue needed attention.  That is a whole other story. Lots of plans for that. News and updates to follow. Now back in Ban Muang northern Thailand.

Now been spending my time getting back into playing/practicing guitar and started back on some of my retirement projects...

Arduino electronics,
Motor Bike
Bread making,
Cheese making,
and importantly the new alcohol still arrived.  Could no handle the price of USD 40 in Seychelles for a bottle of gin.  Either give up or make my own.  Truth !  its difficult to give up completely.  I do on a monthly or sometimes two monthly basis then have a few too many to catch up on what I did not have over that period. Go figure the logic. So new project indeed. Next I'll complain about the price of tonic.....

Add we are also looking after our Crays which are still growing and multiplying. No time left of anything else.

Batch 4 was smaller about 290 gms and Batch 6 of my cheese waxed today. 811 gms from 8 litres of fresh milk.  Yes, Wanna has found a supplier with fresh unpasteurized milk. We order and collect fresh. Fantastic.

Sadly for you subscribers I will now make an effort to continue to Blog.

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