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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Rayong Views

I mentioned a few days back that there were lots of interesting places to see and visit in Rayong.  (It gets a bad press in the tourist guide books and web sites. Usual comments being don't bother stopping keep on going to Koh Chang or where ever you were going. Wrong !

Well I think it has some character, in fact a lot going for it. Everyone can't be wrong. Its home to about 675,000 people and has developed as both an industrial town a major local fishing port. Ford motors manufacture all their pickups here. And there are loads of other international companies. On the fishing side they are the main producers of Thai fish sauce. A major local product which is available world wide. Even on the shelves of my local shop in La Digue, Seychelles.....

To support all this are the usual restaurants and bars and night life together with shopping Malls and some major hotels and apartment blocks for visiting business men. All in all a place worth spending a few days in.

We plan on being here for the next 3-4 years and so are moving slowly trying out different restaurants most evenings, going back to several as our "local" one.

Also and most importantly have decided to move from our Condo to the beach. We are in the process of buying a "town house". Its on the beach front. There is a coastal road in front then the beach. In fact it runs the length of Rayong Beach. Shore line is heavily protected with groynes. And sand has done a good accumulation to date. S small restaurant scattered all the way along. All looking good for the future. Opposite our place its not as yet a great beach to look at. If your imagining a swaying palm fringed beach unlucky but it has sand, water and its warm. I do see very potential and its a great location. This blog will soon be full of our purchase and renovations and listing and recording all the trials and tribulations that go with it.

For today I'll just add a few photos of some fishing boats and side streets.  I took these on the way to work. So a bit rushed. Jumped out of the car and clicked then jumped back in and off to work. And yes they do look a bit dull. It had just finished a torrential down pour.

House project to follow. :)

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