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Monday, 16 April 2012

Gladstone To Perth

Simple really. Just jump in car, switch on the GPS (got it from Dick Smiths Electrical and used it last weekend). Fantastic bit of kit. But never shuts up. The voice directions can be male of female, set in Australian English, Brit English or American. Get fed up with one you can sway over....And drive, and drive, and drive.
All we need do to the GPS is punch in Perth and tell it to direct us there, we then follow instructions. ‘Proceed to the next roundabout, take the second exit along Dawson Road. Continue for 500 metres and turn....”. ... Blarr Blarr Blarr.... etc etc. Sounds too easy. Well I’ve been busy checking Google Maps. It will be saying more like ‘At the next roundabout take the second exit and continue for 759 kilometres....”
Gladstone to Perth is a bloody long way. About 4,600 kilometres as the roads go. About John O’Goats to Lands End 6 times or more....But why would you want to go to Lands end 6 times? Next I’ll be telling you I can equate it to several thousand London Double Deckers lined up one behind the other. Trust me it’s Just a long long way.
This has all the makings to be a fabulous journey. We’ll see a lot of Australia. Driving down through the heart of Queensland and then alongside the southern ocean is going to be a whole new experience.
Plan to update this Blog on a daily basis so you all know where we age. If no postings we are anchored up somewhere without internet.
Sunday saw us load up the car. Practice session. Went well. Two big plastic boxes full for kitchen stuff. One suitcase full of ‘more stuff’ and a new tent. Our little one is getting small for us and a new bigger one will make the travel much better. Truth is we are getting soft and the new air mattress will not fit in properly. So dump the mattress or buy bigger. No brainer...Now got a tent we can stand up in. Whole new camping experience coming up.
Last but not least we also crammed in the Bar B Q and my electric guitar and amp. Just enough room left for water, pillows and a dunna ! We finish up in Gladstone on Friday, 20th at 17.00hrs. Then early 21st April we’re off.

Watch this spot.
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