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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Break And A Trip Up The Coast

Three days off and a chance to go see something different. We decided to venture up north a few hundred kilometers. Not far at all by Australian standards. Anyway packed up the 'ute' and off we ventured. Plan was simple. We had booked ourselves into a small camping site in Yeppon. 'Big 4'. It was situated on the coast north of Rockhampton. (for those of you who don't know it is only about 150 kilometers away) For those of you who don't care where it is well it's away from Gladstone:) It was packed. Seemed thousands of kids and campers. All intent on having a good time. But after 8.00pm all quiet. Seems a very polite group all intent on respecting everyone else.

We finished work on Friday round lunchtime, and set off. Quite uneventful all in all as a journey. We set up camp and almost immediately set forward to have dinner. Pork chops of course...

The rest of the weekend has gone by in a flash. Bit of fishing, some 4x4 driving in the adjacent National Park sand dunes, attended an excellent Rhythm and Blues afternoon in Byfield, took in a coulpeof pottery places, as one does on such weekends, and all in all just a very lazy time. Great fun. Planning on going away next weekend as well.

One photo I took was in the middle of absolutely nowhere, miles from anywhere, when we came across a collection of post boxes. Just looked so out of place.
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