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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Gladstone Easter Festival

A whole year has gone by and another Gladstone harbour Festival. its fun and I was amazed again this year how many people turned up. All families and a very nice 'safe' atmosphere. We watched but did not partake in any events. Some really big spinning wheels and even a ghost train.. I am not one for heights and Wanna seemed happy enough just to observe all the goings on. Had some sausage and chips and went home.
Photos are not much good as taken on my mobile phone.

This annual event is the highlight of the Gladstone year. It is coupled with a yacht race Brisbane to Gladstone. Yachts leave Brisbane on Good Friday and make their way here arriving some on Saturday and stragglers on Sunday. They get around 50-60 yachts with 15 or so being multi cats. So the town really comes alive in Saturday night. Luckily rum is made in Bundaberg as vast quantities are consumed during this period... I've put a link to the main web page below if you're really interested!

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