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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ruwais To Thailand And Onwards To Gladstone

Finished in Ruwais and returned to Thailand. Spend a few days in Khon Kaen and then down to see Owen in Pattaya. He is totally immersed in golf. Which for him is good but would drive me nuts. Anyway back up north and time disappeared. Quicker than Ruwais. I think I was packed and on a plane before I knew what had happened. Well not quite true. I nearly did not make the plane as we had an hour before leaving Ban Muang decided to call in and see Terry and Steve, Terry was not in and so round to Steves. Well a bloody dog came out onto the road and started running wild. In fact there were about 4 dogs. Needless to say we hit one of them. He died and we went flying across the tarmac. Wanna suffered a sore hip, scratches on her arm and the rest was luck. I also went sprawling and ended up with a bump on the head and scratches on the leg and chest. No problem except I had a plane to catch! Needed to be at the

Airport within an hour. So rushed back to the house, bike still worked. Thank God. Had a quick shower and smothered my cuts with local herb oil, which I use for everything!!!!

On the way to the airport we stopped at the doctors. He is actually on the way, with no diversion. We stopped outside his office and were seated in front of him within 2 minutes. Fantastic service. He checked us both. Cleaned up the cuts and added some bandage. Then on to the airport. Fortunately I was travelling business class so plenty of room to spread out and relax.

So with all this we still made it to Khon Kaen Airport. Booked in and started my trip. Khon Kaen on to Bangkok and then another plane onto Brisbane. Which is where I am writing this blog waiting the final trip up to Gladstone.

First impressions of Oz. It is about 3 years since I was last here. I came for an afternoon to Brisbane whilst working in Karachi. Had a quick interview and then back on a plane. So not really sure that qualifies as having been here. I did however spend 9 months in Perth about 10 years ago.

So memories through 'rose coloured spectacles fell off on arrival this time. Everyone very friendly but also dreadfully efficient! If you appeared to jump the que someone told you!!! Bit of a shock after Thailand. But good to be here.

I've added a few photos of our garden orchids just as a memory. Plenty of Gladstone stuff to follow.

One last thing. Just before sitting down to wait on boarding I had to go through yet another security check. Then one chap asked my if I would do a 'random' explosives test. Sure.... Chatted.

He asked me where I was going?

Gladstone. You know it?

Know it! I come from there.

What's it like?

It's a shit hole...

Well there you have it. He clearly did not work for the Gladstone Tourist Board. So you knows whats up there. I'll make my own mind up. But let me tell you that I have already decided that irrespective of how it is, shit hole or not, I've already decided I'll enjoy it.

So more to follow.


He was wrong. Gladstone is a lovely little place and I am sure we are going to enjoy it immensely!!!

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