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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Goondoon Street

Lovely day which I had not expected as it is a Saturday. I think I mentioned that for the last few weekends it has been horrible. Just rain so today was a welcome change. Saying that I still went to work for a few hours and then popped into the library for a couple of books. The library was after work and after a 4-5 kilometer detour to the Harley Bike shop!!!
The shop had some beauties and I was sorely tempted but my wallet told me to slow down... Later. Let me just settle down a bit first.
Library is good. Its free and had a surprisingly good collection of books, cassettes and new range of DVD's. Borrowed a couple of cook books. Also noticed a 'dummies guide to electronics'. But that can wait I'm not taking on any more new projects this year.
After the library I stopped on the main Goondoon street, (Aboriginal for Water Bag!!!) and took a few shots. All very typical of a small Australian town with some colonial buildings intermixed with more modern stuff. As expected in a small town on a sunny Saturday afternoon not many people around. All gone to sailing or fishing. No doubt followed by a BBQ!!!
The photo with the green entrance is a 'bottle shop'. Its a drive in boozer!!! Yes that's right drive in and stop. Don't even have to get out of the car. Just order you beers and flip the boot. They drop it in for you and after parting with some cash off you go. Now what could be easier that that!!! Have a good weekend.
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