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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gladstone Days 1 to 20

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Been in Gladstone for just under 20 days. That includes 3 weekends if you count today Saturday 19th March. The last two weekends it rained both times. So any exploring has been through the windscreen wipers while driving around. Kid you not! 26mm of rain over this last weekend.

Had a lovely few days in Thailand before jumping on a plane to sunny Brisbane. And I think I have finally got over the bike accident. Leg still badly covered in scrap marks but they are going down and I’ve finally stopped hobbling around. So all in all time is a good and possibly the best healer. It certainly did not create the best of impressions arriving the first morning to work hobbling in covered with a lot of injuries. Still all that is in the past.

Initial impressions of Gladstone. Lovely spot. Much better than I imagined. I cannot think why the guy at Brisbane airport was so utterly dismissive. Its a small place with a population of about 30,000 people. It is a country town but the industry is heavy engineering, coal export etc. But that really does give the wrong impression as the Environment Control are very strict leading to a clean place.

It took quite a trip to get here. Starting off in Khon Kaen to Bangkok and then changing planes on to Brisbane and up to Gladstone. The total flight time is probably only 11 hours but add in changing planes and the waiting between flights and I was looking at more like 24 hours. I was met at Gladstone airport by Nicole our Office Manager. She was excellent, warhaving organised a first class apartment and had even though to but a ‘welcome’ kit of bread, miles etc. And of course Vegemite!!!!! Where would Australia be without Vegemite.....



I’ve done a bit of cooking. Bought some puff pastry and made my first lot of chicken pies. Very good if I say so myself. And today I bought a new guitar amplifier so the neighbours will know all about it this evening!!!

Pictures of Gladstone? Lots to follow. I am planning a trip out tomorrow and will start including a small map. We expect to be here for a few years so I am going to use this forum to keep my diary and let you all know what we are doing. I did earlier say I world add a photo most days. Well no more excuses...

I did read recently that Blogs were not as popular as before. People moving over to Facebook etc. I’m staying here.

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