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Friday, 3 September 2010

Rice Polishing

I mentioned in my last post that the Land Spirits were now living in the rice hut and that we needed to buy a Spirit House for them. Well today we had need to open the rice hut. Wanna’s parents needed some rice so she filled up 4 sacks of rice. We took them up to one of the local rice polishers. They charge ?... How much per sack? I hear you asking. Nothing… That’s how much. But you know nothing is free in Thailand…. I’ve stated so often in the past. So what does ‘no charge.. nothing’ really mean? Where is the catch? Well the deal is simple. You bring in the rice and they dehusk the grains and polish them. You get back the polished rice. The remained they keep for animal food and other uses. Fair deal for all as far as I can tell.


Interestingly I do not see any quality control in all of this operation. Basic monitoring to ensure all works OK but apart from that nothing. When I say quality I am of course referring to the percentage of good grains as opposed to cracked grains. Commercailly they have very different values. But here in the village I suppose it makes little difference.
So we loaded up the ‘saling’ with 4 sacks, after Wanna had filled them full of rice from the store. Drove all of 500 meters to the polisher. Unloaded the sacks and left them there. Seems everyone adopts this approach. We went back in the afternoon to collect our freshly polished rice. Looks good and read for cooking.
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