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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Came back to Pattaya from Khon Kaen on Monday.

Long journey about 7 hours. Normally takes 5-6 but this time we decided to go slow and stop off along the way to look at some of the sights.

The trip in basically north south crossing a low range of mountains. Up in the mountains it is easy to buy fresh vegetables, and being off the beaten tourist path prices are very reasonable. As usual it was one of those days where I did not have my camera. Used the phone camera which does not do such a good job.

We stopped up in the mountains and bought some veggies, also stopped at a coffee shop which had unusual seating! The local coffee was excellent.

Also spotted one of the long tailed rowing bots used in various competitions. These things can have a crew of up to 56 people. I know as I counted one time before! Well it was being transported by pickup and trailer. No big deal in Thailand but can you imagine the difficulties of towing a 50 foot boat on the English roads. The permissions and regulations alone would be frightening.

All in all a comfortable journey. Think next time we might stay over night up in the hills.

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