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Friday, 24 September 2010


Having told you about how little I’ve been doing, up here in Ban Muang, I did find time for some more fishing…

Sitting by the pond and we, that’s Steve and I caught, well he caught them all, cat fish, Pla Chong (a favourite of Wanna’s), Pla Jalamet, (a sort of piranha) as we would call them.) . Vicious teeth that can cut through ordinary nylon line. Steve added in some braded line which made the difference between landing them and us telling stories about the ones that got away!!! h

The cat fish is about the biggest we have caught so very pleased. We will leave it in some fresh water for a few days to ‘cleanse’ then on the Bar B Q!!!!

While waiting on this process the next major job/activity is, yes you got it.. waiting again. This time on the satellite man to come and install the local signals dish. Picks up about 60 stations. Once installed the service is free. Can’t be a bad thing. So off to sit and do nothing for a while. Will record all about it here when I’ve finished!!!!!

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