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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Where to buy a Guitar in Khon Kean ♪♫

I've been on various web sites trying to find the location of a guitar shop in Khon Kaen.  Easy enough I thought especially using www. Thaivisa.com which generally seems to be a good source of information for such stuff. Not to be.

So I mentioned to Wanna that I could not find an address for a guitar shop in Khon Kaen. "Why did you not ask me first? My last job was in a shop opposite the local guitar shop!!!" Enough said!

Well off we went. Bough a Yamaha 310 with an electric attachment which means I can plug and drive the neighbours mad while I learn my first few chords.

After buying the guitar of course I found more shops selling guitars….One only 50 meters from the first.

Now been to both and I would choose NUMSIL as a first choice for next purchase. Details below for you the reader and me to be able to find for next time!!!!♪♫

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