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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Washing Machines

A friend in the village runs a small coin operated washing machine business. He’s been at it for a few years operating from his garage at home. Last week he rented a small lockup. Its one of about 6 along the main village road. Others are internet games room, motorbike repair, and electronics repair shop. So he’s just moved all his stuff yesterday and so I went along to have a look.
About 10 washing machines staked up. Tells me he has about 80 of these things on the go. They are scattered around several neighbouring villages. They all are coin operated and he charges a fixed amount per wash Seems to be dong quite well. Not going to make millions but enough to keep him and family in a reasonable life style.


Interesting on my visit today as a couple of guys came by to install the coin operating system on the new machines. To do this they have to take the machines half to bits. Then install a few wires and connections then bolt on the coin slot machine ‘thingy’ to one side and that’s it. Ready for use. So without delay out go the machines to their new home and to make more money for its owner… Enough to buy some more machines. The cycle goes on…..
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