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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Musings From The Farm

Rained all night. And again this morning. Makes getting anything done in the garden just hard work and somewhat unpleasant. The good thing is the drainage system we installed round the new house is doing well. I had envisaged a load of erosion but it seems the drainage did its job and so prevented any real damage.

We had planned today on laying/placing some grass seed to also combat erosion but the seeds will only get washed away.

Similarly, our pond which is now completely full from the rains needs our attention. The overflow pipe requires to have a reduction to the opening. Having filled up so well with the rain I do not want to see it a drain out again in the next few weeks. But sorting that out is not an enjoyable job in the rain. It will have to wait.

What to do? Done some fishing and interestingly it is very easy to find worms at this time. Just dig up around the banana plants. Got lots. Followed by catching 2 fish. About 500 grams each. In addition I lost 2 hooks which were taken. So for sure some big ones out there. All this fishing done between down pours.

We do need to get into Khon Kaen and sort out some things. Got a couple of 200 litre plastic drums for sale, and a buyer. (They are left over surplus to the aquaponics system). Get Baht 800 for the 2. So selling them pays for the trip up. Not sure what we're selling for the return trip!!!

Also I want to look at some music shops and check out prices of guitars.

Add in some time on the internet and the day will have passed, even if it continues to rain. And that's the prediction. Then come evening it will be time to fix another Bar B Q. And that's a ood job, one ot look forward to.

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