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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Vanuatu Part 5 Visit to Santo

What a weekend. Flew up to Santo Esprito Island obstentiously to look at a future wharf construction but really a good excuse to have a long weekend away.

Santo is about 45 minutes flight north of Port Vila. We left Sunday Morning and had time for work inspections then a trip up the east coast.

We travelled up from the bottom right hand corner up to the yellow star shown above.

Has a swim and for lunch coconut crab cooked in a mild curry sauce. Fantastic.  I cannot begin to describe the taste except to say writing this I could eat another one!!!

The beach. Well I thought I had seen them all. But this was a s good as it gets.  Possibly one of the best beached I have ever seen.  Had a swim and relaxed.

On the way back we looked as some coconut drying houses and native plants. The kilns were not operating as it was a public holiday.

In particular we were shown the native Kava plant famous for its root drink.  If you've never heard of Kava now is the time to learn  10 things you need to know about Kava.  And it works.  I've tried it a few times. You just relax.  Funny thing is your lips go numb and the legs seem ot have a mind of their own. But very different to Alcohol or dope. And it does not leave any headache or after effects except to reduce appetite and make you a bit lazy.  Both good results don't you agree ?

 Plenty more to write about but I'm off got a bowl of Kava and relax. When I find some energy I'll pen a few more words......

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