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Monday, 8 August 2016

Vanuatu Part 2

Weekend starts here today.  Will pop into the office this morning for a couple of hours to catch up on a few things. Then later this evening off for a Sri Lankan curry dinner feast. Then tomorrow heading for Mount McDonnald the highest point (647 meters) on Efate Island. By pickup truck of course, no walking or anything silly like that.  But first off this morning a bit of work. Got some design reviews and a visit to a quarry planned for this afternoon. I know hardly retirement BUT I DON"T CARE !!!  It's all good.

The curry dinner is at Club Hippique, which is owned by an Australian couple, She being of Sri Lankan extraction hence the style of dinner.

The place itself is a resort offering horse riding along beaches and up and down mountain tracks etc and various other  activities. Check it out. Club Hippique  Looks a lot of fun.

Fun evening getting underway

The jagged lines on the left are palms.....
Well we did not see the top of the mountain. But we did go up a step hill and got some amazing views.

Check out the slope on this road......

Next weekend we go to the horse racing on Saturday and Sunday/Monday  the island os Santo. So lots to see and do.

There is also a turtle breeding farm to visit.  not sure when we will manage that...

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