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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Quick Trip round NW Issan Part 2

Phu Rua is a lovely spot. Up in the mountains its cool and tranquil. We found a small guest house just off the main road. We knew about it before as we had been camping in this area a few times last year.
The trip over the first set of the mountain range. Stunning views and we took a rest....

 The cabins in Phu Rua were 'home built'.  Wanna had chatted with the owner who explained she had used wood cut from her property and with family help had set up a 10 cabin lodge. Planning to expand. On arrival where is a sign in Thai. Translated it said "we are not expensive just ask..." It was Baht 500 per night (12GBP). We had a cabin with on suite bathroom, cable TV and WiFi and Aircon. And free bottled water in the room fridge. Really good value.  Wood Cabin Resort

We found only one restaurant open in the evening. But we were lucky.  Food was excellent.. So end to a perfect day.

Day 3 we set off to Dan Sai and had a look at the local Wat and a small museum for a collection of the local arts which are used in their annual Ghost festival. Read the link for more info. Festival of Ghosts

The masks are made of the bamboo rice steamers use for cooking sticky rice and the leave of a coconut tree. Add in lots of colour and its enough to frighten any ghost.

On from Dan Sai to the mountains and through a National Park. Road was terrible but beautiful views.

That's right, watch out for wild elephants crossing the road. That's what the sign says.....

 Then down to the plains and home.
Last photo is of me checking the route......

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