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Friday, 10 May 2013

Bangkok and back

Just been down to Bangkok for a couple of days.  Checked out or Condos, caught up with Owen and Orn, attend an Horticultural Fair in Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre. So all in all a good few days.

We used the sky train once parked up and found it easy to get around. Had some street food. (Charlie eat your heart out....) Show was good in terms of features, flowers and presentations but did not have a great deal for us.  We met up with some other aquaponics guys and by chance also met a charming old chap,  Professor Rapee Sagarik (91 year old) who had been in charge of one of the more prestigious Universities in his earlier days did a lot for national agricultural development including setting up collages etc,and indeed had been a close advisor the the King. Very interesting person. Wanna told me he was a very respected person in Thailand. Told us he was having a good long life and his secret was to eat little and sleep little and keep busy.... Well I was impress as he told me he was off the the Chelsea Show later in the year and next year off again to Australia. I think he impressed Wanna the most by telling her how much he loved the Issan area around Khon Kaen and that he had been camping near there only  a few weeks back with his family.....

Charlie's Restaurant.....?
 The restaurant is across the road from our Condo. Easy to order.  They hold out a plate of fresh steaming rice and you just point and choose what you want. It goes on top of the rice and arrives at the table. Plate of rice, two choices comes to GBP 1.50. Can handle that....

On the way back  we stopped to buy some fruit etc and 10 monks walked passed. Quite a sight.

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