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Saturday, 24 November 2012

House Construction.... more

Well today was exciting. The whole roof line is now clearly defined. Bob the builder was going for gold. He was up on the edges nailing in facer boarding and seemed glued to each piece of wood that he  touched. Good thing for him as it is a 6 meter drop.
I went to the other side of our pond to get the usual position for a progress photo. It was today that I realized it is a big extension. Bob and his mate spent all day doing the house and Wanna and I did some work round the garden, including burning some rubbish and sorting out the wood which had been attacked by termintes. Yes, only been on the ground about a month and already several bits are now useless. So spend an hour sorting and shifting that lot out. Of course saw a snake about 2 foot long brown thing, which disappeared into the undergrowth. No chance of a photo. It did slow me down a bit wondering what was under the next piece of wood. And sure enough, it happened a small scorpion appeared but did not get the chance like the snake to run away. It has since gone to meet his maker.....

More updates to follow.
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