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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ban Muang progress

Well I last posted about site clearance for our house. But cannot start till 9th November 'lucky day'. So while waiting we build a landing stage in front of our existing house. Its 18 meters long. Started off as 6 meters then we decided to do 12 as all the main steel came in 6 meter lengths it seemed easy to extend. However having decided on 12 we then moved up to 18 meters. The deck is 4 meters wide so 18 x 4 meters is 72 square meters.  Our 2 bedroomed condo in Bangkok is also 72 square meters.  Crazy I know!
Anyway its built. Took 7 days and was a lot of fun. I've since installed a bright light on the under front side of the decking which is great for attracting fish. Lovely to sit out in the evening with the sky full of stars and the light below. Watching the cat fish eating  as we feed them. Helps them grow bigger ready for the Bar B Q.
Hope you enjoy the video/slide show.
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