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Friday, 13 January 2012


We had a wonderful time in Thailand catching up with all old friends etc. Owen and On really looked after us and again long suffering Owen put up with big Brothers antics!! Enough said in that department.

We finally departed for Sydney. Not without a lot of effort. Having got to the airport with Owen and On driving us up at 05.00am we then qued for 2 hours at Thai International Terminal to get on a flight. Their computer was down so they could not issue any boarding passes. Due it seems to the fact that I had an electronic visa and they had no way of checking it existed. I was fortunately not the only one. So our 07.45am flight finally departed 09.45 am. No problem except we got into Sydney very late. About 11.30 pm. We had booked a centrally located hotel. Excellent choice. The area was heaving with Friday night revellers, great atmosphere. So we ended up walking around and finally getting to bed about 2.00am.

Saturday morning came round very quickly and it saw us catch up with Greg and V. Greg is an old friend and we had not see each other for about 10 year so lots to catch up on. Had a trip round Sydney from south at 'The Gap', Chinatown for lunch, over the bridge to Manley. They we separated and we took the Manley Ferry back to the quays near our hotel. We caught up later for a Bar B Q at Greg's place. Hadyn joined us and it was another excellent evening. It was also the best Kangaroo meat I had ever eaten. Got some tips on how to do it next time.

On the Manley ferry we both fell asleep. I left our Ipod on the seat and only when we got back to the hotel did I realise it was missing. My fault of course as you can imagine. That was that or so I thought. Monday morning sitting in the departure lounge in Brisbane and Wanna is checking her emails. A chap called Simon emailed us saying he had found our Ipod. What was the best way to get it back to us. I enjoyed Sydney but this was the icing on the cake. What are the chances of this happening? I doubt Simon will ever read this nor in all probability will we ever meet but a big thank you. What a fantastic memory of Sydney.

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