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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lazy Weekend With Some Fishing

Lazy weekend. We did some fishing and relaxed. Beautiful local spot, a sea water discharge for the local power station. Does not sound like much but it is on the edge of a big river. Lots of hot water comes through it which attracts the fish. It is also a good wild life place with several different species of birds. And the area has been prepared for fisherman and even comes equiped with shades and tables so you can enjoy a full afternoon or evening there. But we were unlucky as we did not catch anything today. One got off last time, and it was a big one... Honest!

Later we downloaded a couple of films. ‘Drive’ has got to be one of the worst ‘B’ movie I have watched for ages. The other 'Killer Elite' started Jason Strathan, Robert De Nero and 'someone?'Owen and it was excellent viewing, that is if you like thrillers with people getting shot and lots of fighting. Ideal for a Sunday evening viewing. I had earler in the week watched the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. One of the best films in the sense that it followed the book almost exactly and did not loose anything from it. And the book was good! But before settleing into movies we had of course first to get the Bar B Q going, steak and sausages and potatoes. No wonder I am putting on weight in Oz.

And to top it all off back to reality and work on Monday morning.

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