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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas In Ban Muang

Rushed posting. Thought I would just upload these photos of our arriving home and finding a Christmas tree, outside fairy lights and the house ready for us. Meals did not include a turkey but we had a super bar b q and grilled pork so all in all a couple of very good evenings. video
Our dog Tiger was very happy to see us come back. Mem, Wanna's sister had been looking after him. Looking after him to well I can see as he is much too over weight. But he was excited to see us and has settled down and appears to have stopped running after our neighbours chickens, which you can imagine did not go down to well with them.
We plan to go up to Chang Mai tomorrow for a couple of days then down to Pattaya and Bangkok. All a bit hectic but we do seem to have a lot of people to get to see.
Tonight we take the Kids to the Khon Kaen night market for dinner and ice creams. Should be fun with plenty of activity and lots to see going on.
But for now I must leave posting Blogs and get back to my fishing....
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