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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Getting Close To Me Departing Seoul For Abu Dhabi.

Thoughts on Seoul. Seoul has been an interesting place. People, Shops, streets, Football Stadium etc etc. Amazingly ‘High Tech’ situation everywhere. The subway is possibly the best I’ve ever seen. Complete with full info on train arrival, departures, adverts and more adverts, news programmes and more. Also so noticeable it is spotlessly clean, that’s the city as well as the subways. Makes Singapore look scruffy!!!! And that is saying something.

But I’m in no rush to come back. Why not? The main reason is the cold, so a summer visit might change my opinion. In fact I ma sure it will. Beautiful places to see with lots of smiling faces etc. The current walking 35 -45 minutes to and from work every morning and evening in -3 deg C with a lazy wind going straight through me is not my idea of fun. So can only come back in summer!!!!

Only real negative is, for me abnyway, the food. Must be I get too much good food from Wanna at home.... I find the food is not particularly spicy in a 'Thai' way nor full of good indian curry flavours. Must be gettign set in my ways... I mean don't get me wrong, its more than editable but, not something I would write home about. Great if you like Kimchi and more Kimchi. (Pickled spicy cabbage). Apart from that everything seems to work well.

But there is always an exception. Yesterday I asked one of our Secretaries to organize posting a small parcel to Seychelles. Simple enough using EMS. Excellent they, EMS even come to the office, collect the package and you pay there and then. Easy right? Well not so. I prior to their arrival had packed the parcel which was OK. However they, EMS then needed to know contents. I told them Soap. How many packages inside? 7. OK so far so good. Then I was asked where’s it going to? Seychelles. Where?....

Seychelles was not on the postman’s list of countries. So they could not send!!! As I said as long as it’s part of the system all is OK if not…… Dream on. I’m off to the local post office this afternoon to see if I can do any better. Will complete this posting after the visit. Second thoughts best to post in Thailand.

It’s snowing!!!!! First time since we have been here. Great… Sure won’t be getting this next week in Abu Dhabi. I understand it’s in the 20’s there already. Will be going out tonight, company dinner at an upmarket Chinese place so photos to follow.

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