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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Dinner And The Trip Home

Wonderful staff Christmas Dinner last night. Good company, good food and plenty of good wine. Recipe for success. It was at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in Seoul. Don't ask where! All I can say is that it was good. Everyone enjoyed and a few are suffering this morning. Office is very quiet!

This dinner was followed by a tube trip home. Simple enough. The system seems to run 24/7. In fact the system is very impressive. Clean, fast, digital signs and voice messages in the carrages and on the station platforms to tell you exactly where you are etc.It's hard if not impossible to get lost on the Seoul tube system. However and unfortunately for someone before us, he/she had been ill in the carrage, but no worries, as amazingly it was all cleaned up in an instant! It must have happened only a few stops before us. Not the best of subjects to write about but the effeciency of the clean up was very impressive. three people were there with buckets and mops etc, and the job was done between station stops. They were on, cleaned up the place and were gone within 5 minutes! Truely amazing.
We got off at our stop about 10 stops further on. From our stop it is only about 300 meters to our Condo. Normally a 5 minute walk right? Took us about 40 minutes as Wanna wanted photos in the snow!!! There was not so much snow left but enough for a few shots!!!! All goes to making happy memories of our time in Seoul.
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