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Friday, 19 November 2010


Two months and no postings. Why. No reason, just lazy and I have been on the move. Been over in UK to see my parents and look up my cousin Cary and family. Had not seen them for years. In fact many years about 15 or so.

During the visit Mother had a tree cut down in her garden. It was a large red wood which had died and was in danger of falling on her house. The video was taken by her friend Liz and it really is fantastic. Could not have done such a good video even if I tried for months and months. It really is worth looking at so please follow the link and after viewing leave a comment for Liz on Utube.

Requiem Tree

Absolutely brilliant video....

Visiting is fun and never long enough with many things not completed or wishing I did more. Still now back in Thailand.

One main reason for no postings is…..

I have been on Disulfrim. Look it up!!! It's to stop you drinking and 'boy' it works!!!!! I have been on it for quite some time. Except one evening after I returned I decided to have a small beer. Well that seemed OK so I assumed the tables were probably placebo type stuff. So having convinced myself all was all OK I decided to have a few and make up for me earlier abstinence!!! Big mistake. I started at 7.30 pm and drank a lot of local rice wine. Rough stuff that does give a good hit but burns your throat a little (a lot) on the way done. Bit like vodka I suppose but rougher... Well I wet to bed at 9.30 pm having had a bottle of the stuff followed by my usual glass of mike. 10.00 pm I was up. The tablets kicked in. Made me ill like I have never been ever, in life before. I finally stopped at 4.00.pm next afternoon. A day later I booked my self into hospital. I was in so much pain. I was put on drips, pain killers and loads of drugs. Burnt throat and stomach from being so ill. Mind you I did consume a whole bottle of grog at 40% proof.!! I dropped from 91 kilos to 83 kilos in 48 hours!!!! So that’s my excuse for not writing. Finished my last antibiotic etc yesterday. So please accept the apology but no sympathy.....

I start my new job on Sunday. Traveling to Seoul for 4 weeks followed by Abu Dhabi for a couple of years. New jetty construction.

So back to Blogging in next few days. Next posting from Seoul. Bye…..
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