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Friday, 26 November 2010

Another Day In Seoul

Did not get out yesterday but Wanna arrived here from Thailand yesterday morning. She managed to take a few photos on her way in on the bus from the airport. That’s after being held up at the airport for an hour by immigration. Seems Thai Citizens have the right to enter Korea as an ASEAN member but… they asked why she was coming and kept asking her for one hour. She went to 5 different interview rooms and still they could not understand she was coming in as a tourist to be with me… Unbelievable in this modern age.Anyway she did, after escaping the immigration, manage to shoot off a few shots and these are included below. The palace looks impressive and also the carrying style of local motor bikes is a biat different to Thailand. Noticeably there are few bikes around. I reckon the cold has a lot to do with that. But I did see a Harley this morning whilst walking to work and a Royal Enfield a few days back. Need to get out the camera… but the cold….

Last night Wanna and I had a walk down the same area I had seen a few nights back. It was just as cold as the last time. We had a good walk round, bought some woolly boots and ended up in a little noodle shop for evening meal. Than back home for a hot bath. Lovely.

We've got big plans of tonight and the weekend. Try and get to see as much as possible in a few day light hours. I am sure if we stayed here we would get used to the weather but we will only be here for a few weeks. So enjoy while we can.

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