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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Weekend Away

Been a while since I did any posting. Time flies and work is always only a moment away. Or so it seems.
Last weekend was a fun and relaxing one.
The original plan was to go to Khon Kaen and attend the motor bike weekend. There was no info about it on the web till I got my engineer to do a search in Thai. Amazing how much stuff is out there in all these other languages. Sure enough 20th and 21st Feb Bike weekend. Should be fun. Will visit and get some photos and of course the ‘T’ shirt. But TIT. Thailand being Thailand this was not to be. Sure it was the 20th and 21 st of February but that was for last year….
Putting that aside we seemed to cover a load of odds and ends. First off was my usual walk round the plot to check and inspect our plants etc. All doing well. Mainly down to Man daily providing water and manure.

The breadfruit trees continues to amaze by producing fruit while remaining so small. We have 4 breadfruit trees but only one is so far advanced and producing. No obvious reason for it. Perhaps location and better soil?

We had also planted some olive trees and I am told these are difficult to get to fruit. Well take a close look at my photo as I think one of is just starting.

But the big deal was…Wanna has acquired a new dog ‘Tiger’. Lovely chap and so full of fun. So far about 4 pairs of shoes have gone missing!
Of course a new dog then makes a trip to the Vet’s obligatory.


We also had time to start cooking a southern snail curry. Managed to get the start of the video with the idea of completing it, the curry that is, once we got back to Pattaya.
The curry comprises land snails boiled and removed from their shells then cooked with various herbs and assorted goodies. I hope to get it all on film this week.

Meanwhile whilst sitting enjoying my coffee I was shown a new snack. Buffalo hide. Yes complete with hair. Reminded be of South African ‘Biltong’. But a much coarser version. I was told it is first grilled on a Bar B Q and only then eaten as a snack. Have yet to try it… Back home my fish were not along. I had organized the feeding, with Tee kindly going round to our place on the Saturday. So its good to know you can leave things with friends and go away for a few days.

Now back to the snail curry…. Video to follow.
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