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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bangkok Weekend

To say we were busy in Bangkok this weekend is an understatement. Hence so few pictures. No time.
We went up Friday evening and caught up with some friends at the British Club. A very special reminder of UK situated in the middle of an Asian metropolis. Had good Guinness and excellent British grub!
Saturday spent checkout our condos for curtains etc. All hard work trying to get them sorted. Seemed difficult to decide on what to place in the various rooms in particular choosing suitable colours and styles to attract the future lessees. Anyway it is fair to say we got a lot done and will hopefully be n a position to rent them by the end of the month. It also depends on the external works including the communal gardens and swimming pool being finished. I guess end of Feb.
This was followed by some good Thai street food and a long walk. One spot had a tree root crossing the pavement and a lump of concrete. Both suitably coloured in by someone. Very imaginative.

The evening was good and also a bit strange. I had been invited to an Alumni dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel as a guest of the Universities of UK. It was an open invitation to anyone who had attended any Uni in UK. Amazing about 300 + people were there. Excellent food and drink. Each University had its own area and I managed to catch up with several interesting people, so great fun.
Caught up with Wanna later in the evening and went to Gulliver's a well established sports bar to watch the rugby. (Wales v England). We got there at 10.00pm and sat through a load of boring football till midnight. Kick off time. Come 1.00 a.m. they closed the place down. Only got to half time. Did not find out who won till Sunday morning...And when I found out it was good result either.
Back to Pattaya and a cool swim. Work tomorrow.
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