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Monday, 26 October 2009

Very Relaxing Weekend

It was a great weekend. Made the more so as I did so little. First off Friday was a National Holiday. Chulalongkorn day. He was a King of Thailand Rama 5. Present King is Rama 9 so hes about 5 back. So about 100b years ago. He is important to Thailand as he introduced many 'European' ideas and opened up the place. Electricity, trains etc. And of course an improved army and some democracy. All in all a good chap who every one wants to remember so fortunately it gives us a day off!!! The King.
Well we went to Topcom and finally bought that new computer we had been promising ourselves, this was followed by some more mundane shopping for meat and veg etc.
Decided the spend the rest of the day relaxing, but as usual we seemed to be inundated with visitors. Cannot complain about this can I.
Made pasta, lasagna, bread, quiche and Wanna knocked up a 1st class Indian Curry. Add in a few cold beers and a every complete weekend.
We did find time to have a quick trip round the lake and noticed there is a big long boat competition due on 23rd November along with Buffalo racing. I saw some buffalo racing a few years back. Great afternoon entertainment. Last night I was called to our back kitchen. "Look". There on the wall was a beautiful lizard. And big. Probably as big as you'll find in a house. Hence the photo.
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