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Monday, 5 October 2009

Lazy Weekend.

Had a really lazy weekend. Decided to do nothing. That's right nothing! Did it happen? Well not exactly as planned. The do nothing weekend included shopping (ugh!), making up some pastry and cooking some quiche. Also had a go at making spaghetti, yeah real spaghetti hand made. Tasted 'soooh' much better than shop purchased. All this activity in the kitchen topped of with a Sunday evening Bar B Q where I turned my hand to making some kebabs and baked potatoes. Nothing extravagant but good fun.
When not doing 'nothing', and not cooking I tried to capture the spirit of the house in so far as trying to get on film the serene side of it all. You know the garden, birds and flowers etc. You know the sort of things you don't really see but enjoy being immersed in. Its really an amazing little house set on an estate. But once you 'lock' yourself in and look round there is so much to see. We have a couple of birds nests and loads of visiting 'Minor' birds, a few frogs which gurgle away at night. Add in some lizards, strange bright green caterpillars and the fish going round and round in their bowls and there really is a lot going on. One of the flowers in the fish bowl opens each morning with the sunrise and closes down again in the evening. Beautiful to watch.
Earlier several years back we had planted some travellers palms, which have now matured and several other jasmine trees and bushes have grown. Wanna had also been busy on the orchids and ferns. Yes, a lot going on in a small enclosed estate house.
All I wanted was a cup of coffee, a good book and hide in a corner for a quiet weekend. But I can't complain. Imagine if nobody wanted to come round... What then, would be a sad weekend.
I really would complain of quiet weekends.
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