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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Seychelles Part II

I've really struggled getting this done as the videos seemed so big and there was so much to write about. You know, a weekend away, anywhere, is a busy time and as for putting it on a Blog! It is a matter of how much you want to write that finally is the issue. Add in that I am trying to do a days work as well and there you have it. Limited time with a strong wish to add it all on board the Blog.
Video is at the bottom of the page. Don't miss it....

Anyway here goes.... And what got me started today was receiving a letter from Seychelles. The post mark was depicting that Seychelles had first been sighted by Europeans over 400 years ago in 1609. Apparently it was uninhabited back then. This information and receiving the letter provided me with the extra bit of motivation to make me get on with it..

The time was spent meeting my girls, visiting friends and attending a wedding. Add in a few trips on an ox cart and you have it all. How best to share this. Well a few photos and a video seem as good as anything. Just gives you some idea of what it was all about. As for the video its long, about 4 minutes and features lots of short clips showing our arrival, the wedding, trip on the ox cart, tortoises etc. Provides me with good memories. Enjoy!
And now for the video. It might take some uploading but well worth it. Well I think so.


The Music in the Video is off a CD titled 'Ti Marianne', track 11, by a chap called J P Cecile. I've tried to get hold of him via 'Facebook' but no luck. And strangely there is no contact information given on the CD cover. Strange. So if you like the backing music please take this as an advert for him and go buy his CD. We did.... Available at the Airport in Mahe, Seychelles.

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