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Friday, 24 July 2009

Seychelles Part 1...

This is possibly one of the harder posting. How do you Blog a weekend which was only decided on the Thursday morning? Involved traveling 8,200 kilometers, involving 4 plane trips and 2, one and half hour ferry journeys. Well we did just that. Truth be known it was a last minute decision to attend a wedding on La Digue scheduled for Saturday 3.00pm. So even knowing about the wedding 6 months ago, I still had not made the decision till the last moment.

So that’s how it started. We decided on the Thursday morning that we would go to Seychelles.

How? What? making the decision to go or going? Decision made, at last…so that just left the how to go bit…..
How to go, easy take the office car to Survanabumi Airport and off we go. But first need some tickets. Phone Emirates. (Credit Cards are wonderful at times). 5 minutes later sorted. Email tickets received by return. Rang Wanna to say we’re off, please buy the wedding present….

Depart Friday Morning 2.30 am. Red Eye flight. We’re have liftoff. Wanna, Oyi and me. And we went via Dubai finally arriving home on La Digue at 6.30pm. We returned leaving on the Tuesday morning and arriving back in Bangkok Wednesday afternoon.

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Did we really do all that or was it a dream. Read on.

Departing Bangkok was simple enough. Few hours stop over in Dubai. Time for a breakfast and a draught Kilkenny. Good start.

On to Mahe Seychelles. Met by Sarah, Genevieve and Simon. Lunch at Pirates Arms and then dropped off at catch the ferry to La Digue and home.
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