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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

TIT....Cowboy Hats Bangkok Style

One of the things that constantly amazes any visitor to Thailand is the diversity and 'off the wall' sort of things you see when wondering around. I am quite used to seeing so many different things that most I probably pass by without a second thought.
Going through a few photos I came across a couple I took some weeks back.
We were just walking down a Bangkok Soi (road) and came across this road stall. It was a very old looking and somewhat dilapidated trolley topped off with a cowboy hat.
Closer examination we discovered the operator had a main job of repairing shoes and any other leather items. What could it be selling? Well judging by the thickness of dust I would guess very little. Just a collection of weird and wonderful stuff. What made it even more 'off the wall' were the items were actually for sale. Who would buy this stuff. If you look closely at the photos there are foot pumps for a car wheel, plastic hand grenades, plastic and plaster Buddha's, wooden statues etc etc. What in UK we would classify as real nasty junk. However 'TIT'. This Is Thailand....!
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