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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Someone once said..........Part (2)

I did not finish reporting on our journey to Koh Chang in my last posting, but, I realised there is only so much anyone would want to read in one go.
So here we go with Part 2.....

Returning from Koh Chang was not just a simple ferry trip, stops at restaurants and then slog it on home. No, far from it. We did indeed take the ferry and had a great lunch as I outlined earlier. What I left out were the additional stops for the trees, yes we bought trees and also went for a walk in the mountains including taking a swim in the the pools below some beautiful water falls.

The plan to purchase trees had been forming for months, ever since we completed out house in Khon Kaen. This trip to Koh Chang seemed to be ideal timing for such purchases. So where to go and how to buy. We started off with a simple purchase of some Durian fruit from a road side seller. We had see so many fruits for sale along the way and had put off buying Durina as we considered it would made the car stink. If you know Durian you know what I mean and if you don't know it trust me it has the most amazing smell which lingers forever.

The seller told us there was a very good road side seller about 3 kilomters on from her shack. Of er went. Found it and proceeded ot buy trees. They all got deposited in the boot of Clements new car. Had to wrap them up with plastic to avoid loaded of dirt flying about. We bough 20 trees, Durian , Rambutan, Thai Pepper and some I cannot name....


Loaded up with the trees we set off towards Pattaya but of course there were more stops. Main major stop being to visit the National Park Khao ChaMao. Beautiful, located about 16 kilometers inland from the main road. It is a natural park extremely popular with the local people. Facilities include restaurants, bar b q/picnic benches, toilets, camping areas etc.


The nature trails take you up the mountain passed several waterfalls. Really beautiful and tranquil. You can read all about it on the Thai link. http://www.trekthailand.net/central4/index.html

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