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"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new." Dalai Lama

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Yellow Fever

Well I do not have yellow fever nor do I want it. So with the upcoming possibility of a short term assignment in West Africa I need with Wanna to get down to Bangkok for the necessary jabs.

Can you believe given Thailand geographical location it is necessary to go to Bangkok for the jab and Certificate.  Apparently you can get the jab locally but the certificate not so. Strange but TIT.

So we flew down for the day.  Train into town and visited  the Red Cross Society where they have inoculations for everything you can imagine and some you never knew about.

Of course the main thing in this regard in Thailand is snakes and dealing with snake bites.  Seem to be a lot of nasty guys around as well. So the Red Cross is fully equipped and has an in house snake farm  or snakeatorium  whatever it s called so they can extract venom to make vaccines..  Actually I do not like snakes but it was fascinating going round and seeing them from a safe distance..... i.e through thick glass or mesh.

The place was very education. That does not sound exciting does it....  I added a copy of the video.  Bit boring but it will serve as a memory in time.

So some photos  snakes including a skeleton of a python.  Ugh !!!!!!!!