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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


My last post I mentioned I had a few pictures of Atyrau in the sunshine. Well see below. It’s interesting how the place changes. From winter with little light, cold winds and everyone covered up in fur coats etc to summer when everyone is out in T shirts and shorts. Skate boards, roller blades etc being used all along the river banks.  Kids walking around and of course thousands of mobile phones on display as everyone walks along with heads bend down reading!!!

The river is in full flow and the surface indicates a strong current. Bit of debris from further up, few branches and bits of wood, but a noticeable lack of refuse. No plastic bottles and flotsam. In fact walking around the town every where is clear. Dusty yes but clean. Main rubbish seems to be broken bottles and cigarette butts. I understand there is a strongly enforced law regarding littering. And it is taken very seriously. Good thing too. Clearly it works.

We moved apartments last week which seemed like a really good idea at the time. We had been (we being the team in the Ardager Apartments) had been asked to move. I took this implied either  move early and you get a choice of new apartment or later when your told to move you will get whichever apartment is available. We have a view of the river and all the support facilities, maid service laundry etc. No complaints. Except the boiler for hot water, it had not worked for 2 days.  Cold showers are cold here!!!! .  In addition there are several excellent shops around and a small market selling fresh veg. I say seems a good idea at the time. Saturday and Sunday no hot water and a large fridge which makes a lot of noise but does not make anything in it cooler….

Saturday saw us going to an office “family day out” at a local hotel. It was really for the kids and parents but certainly beat going to work.  There was a disco with some “Gangland” style presenter to get the kids up and dancing. For the adults there was a buffet and open bar for a cold beer etc. However it was 36degrees so not a good idea to drink in the sun. Most if not all were very careful in this regard. 

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